Artist in Residence

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MIET AIR offers (mainly foreign) professional sculptors the chance to work on a project for up to 6 months. During that time, the sculptor stays in one of the pavilions where they can work and live. In the 90m2 pavilion, people can work on their design and create wax, or clay models. For heavier and dustier work, there is a fully equipped workshop. There are also two 40m2 apartments available, with a limited workspace.

Are you an artist and do you want to book a stay at MIET AIR? Send an email to with the following information:

1. Your motivation to stay with us
2. A curriculum vitae
3. Some pictures of your work

After receiving your email, we will contact you.

MIET AIR aims to keep the costs of your stay as low as possible. We ask every artist to leave us 1 work of art.

Artists in Residence can choose between 2 types of accommodation. There are 3 pavilions of 90m2 available where people can both live and work and two 40m2 apartments. The pavilions offer sufficient space to work on an individual project. The apartments have limited workspace.

Expenses accommodation

The cost of accommodation includes 9% VAT, energy and taxes.

Apartment € 850,- a month & artwork
Pavillion € 1100,- a month & artwork
Cleaning charges € 50,-
Deposit € 100,-
Bed linen, towels, tea towels € 25,- per set, per month

Support and workplace costs

When working in the public workshop, you will always get support. A fee will be applied.

Count on a minimum amount of € 250, – for a short stay. If you stay longer at MIETair or do you need more intensive counseling or make much use of the workplace then you have to take into account additional costs for coaching. These costs include the use of machinery, but excluding material. Based on your plan, we can give an indication of the cost of counseling and workshop.

Material costs

When you want to cast a bronze statue you have to count the costs for materials. Take account of € 40, – ex VAT per kilo bronze. This amount includes all materials for making the mold, the wax mold and firing the melting and casting of the bronze. Want to make a silicone mold count on € 20, – ex VAT per kilo silicone.


MIET AIR has 3 beautiful, detached 90m2 pavilions where artists can live and work. The pavilions are fully furnished, including a washing machine and a drier. They are very well suited to anyone looking for a longer stay, of up to six months. Artists only need to bring their own bed linen, towels and tea towels.

The pavilions accommodate 2 people, who can work there on concepts, studies and models, both in- and outdoors.


MIET AIR has 2 fully furnished apartments of 40m2 for shorter stays. Artists rent these apartments based on accommodation and only have to bring bed linen, towels and tea towels for their stay. A shared washing machine and drier are available.

The apartments accommodate 2 guests. There is limited space available in the apartments for working on concepts, studies and models. Dirtier and dustier work can be done in the workshop or on the pavilion’s small terrace.


MIET AIR has a spacious and fully equipped workshop. Beforehand we consult with you as an artist, to confirm which equipment you will need. Is new equipment needed? We can discuss the possibility of acquiring this.

Studio and Exhibition Space

MIET AIR has a wonderful glasshouse where artists can work on a project inside, while being outside. Twice a year we hold an exhibition here.