MIET AIR is a stimulating environment which offers sculptors and artists the opportunity to learn and be inspired. As an artist you can stay at MIET AIR for up to a maximum of six months.

MIET AIR is a private initiative and doesn’t want to be dependent on subsidies because that would inhibit creativity and development for artists. In an inspiring and natural environment, professional artists can feed their creativity through complete dedication, experiment, transfering knowledge and cooperation.

As an artist staying at MIET AIR you are seeking to follow new avenues, work on your development and push your boundaries.



MIET AIR is primarily aimed at sculptors, or artists who like to work in bronze. For this group, it is especially difficult to work outside of their own studio because of the materials, tools and equipment they need. Artists from other disciplines are also welcome, subject to availability.

MIET AIR offers pleasant accommodation and a fully equipped workshop for the use of stone, bronze, metal, ceramics and glass. The founders of MIET AIR have a great deal of expertise and knowledge about bronze and the complete casting process.

MIET AIR offers sculptors a maximum stay of 6 months, allowing their creativity to flow.

MIET AIR also organises workshops “statues in bronze”, on a regular basis for amateur artists, or people who would like to learn the technique of sculpting in bronze.

A preview of the artists who stayed at MIET AIR and their artwork.

Twice a year, the location is open to the public and exhibitions are organised. The public can not only visit the exhibitions, but also take in the beautifully landscaped terrain of MIET AIR, in particular the architecture by NEXIT architects from Arnhem. Under the motto ‘renewal of tradition’, NEXIT transformed a former campsite into a park-like environment inspired by a traditional farmstead.

MIET AIR was founded by:

Loek Hambeukers

Bart Stok