MIETair on tv!

MIETair has been nominated for the National Award for architecture and inspiring commissioning work, the Golden Pyramid 2014.

The design of NEXIT Architects from Arnhem is judged by a jury headed by Chief Government Architect Frits van Dongen and has been chosen with four other projects to compete for this prestigious award. we have already passed projects such as the new bridge at Nijmegen (The Crossing), Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam, Muziekpaleis Tivoli / Vredenburg, the Glass House in Schijndel and about 75 other projects. Of course we go for the grand prize!

Should MIETair win the award, the prize (€ 50,000! -) will be used to support young artists who want to work in MIET air.

The festive ceremony will take place on November 22nd by Bussemakers, the Minister of Education .

AVRO will pay attention to the Golden Pyramid in it’s show Kunstuur..

The broadcasts take place on five Sundays at the end of the afternoon: on 19 and 26 October and 2, 9 and 16 November on channel 2 during the NPO KunstUur program.

The program will focus on MIETair on October 26th. Extended time will be dedicated during the show on MIETair itself and some of its customers. On November 23rd the show will announce the winner. For more information go to: www.goudenpiramide.nl