I remember differently

The exhibition ‘I remember differently’ was a great success! We look back with pride and gratification.


Quirky memorials and commemorative monuments in MIET AIR


During the last weekend of May and the subsequent weekend of Whitsun an exhibition of commemorative monuments and memorials will be organised. The title of the exhibition, “I remember different ‘ given by the organizers Bart Stok and Loek Hambeukers implies that this is an exhibition of monuments that differ from the usual expectations. The entries come from members of Sculpture Network and artists from the local network of MIET. About 25 participants were selected, of whom several works are displayed.

Different forms

The monuments do not necessarily have to be meant as a tomb; Most monuments currently displayed at MIET are very diverse in their appearances. Just as a monument can have many interpretations: it can be a statue, a building or a plaque designed to commemorate a person or an important event. The monuments in this exhibition are mainly designed to stimulate the imagination of the viewer. They may be figurative, abstract or conceptual, as long as they manifest that we are living in a mortal world. A world in which we keep death, war and decay as far away as possible and where we are trying to love and cherish our memories.


Among the entries are monuments made from various materials. A few examples:

Annemarie Petri
Annemari Petri, Het verhaal over mijn opaAnnemarie Petri displays a bronze statue which shows in graphic way how her grandfather was a prisoner on a Japanese ship and died due to a bombardment. A story that took her appetite when she was a child. It inspired her to create a bronze soup plate containing a sinking ship for this exhibition.




Caroline Kampfraath
image005Caroline Kampfraath shows an installation of twenty ceramic children’s heads under the title “A day in the woods, Requiem for a lost childhood”. The heads are encased in used spice tins. The kids look outside through the glass window in front of the tins. Each child is trapped in his own tin, his own background. The work can be seen as a requiem for children who are far away from their home countries and forced to adapt to a different culture. There remain only vague memories of tropical forests and specific scents from their childhood.



Adriaan Seelen
image004Much tighter and more formal is the Endlessness monument of sculptor Adrian Seelen. It is chopped and cut off Brown Celtic natural and originates from a same series of works. A philo-sophical approach is chosen: the presence of man in the entire universe of space and (endless) time.
Finally the artist Jos Verschaeren shows a kind bronze tower of Babel which is propped on the side by wooden parts: so the decay will get no hold.




Dorien Alink | www.facebook.com/dorien.alink
Froukje van Baren | www.urnenvanfroukje.nl
Imke Beek | www.imkebeek.nl
Hanneke van den Bergh | www.hannekevdbergh.nl
Annemie Bogaerts | www.amiebo.eu
Wilma Bouman | www.bronsai.nl
Xandra Bremers | www.xandrabremers.nl
Cornelia Bruinewoud | www.corneliabruinewoud.nl
Boudewijn Corstiaensen | bcorstiaensen.see.me
Liesbeth Crooijmans | www.liesbethcrooijmans.nl
Babette Degraeve | www.babettedegraeve.com
Francel van Drunen | www.francel.eu
Jose Fijnaut | fijnaut.jimdo.com
Loek Hambeukers | www.hambeukers.nl
Egbert Hermsen | nl.linkedin.com/pub/egbert-hermsen
Willem Janssen | willemjanssenkunst.com
Caroline Kampfraath | www.carolinekampfraath.nl
Bets Kusters | Betskusters.exto.nl
Riki Mijling |  www.rikimijling.nl
Gerard Nijenhuis | www.ziezo-go.nl
Rita Oostendorp | atelierdejutteakker.seesle.nl
Marlieke Overmeer | www.marliekeovermeer.nl
Ans Peters | [email protected]
Annemarie Petri | www.annemariepetri.nl
Michiel van Pinxteren | www.michielvanpinxteren.nl
Yke Prins | www.ykeprinsbeelden.nl
Stephanie Rhode | www.stephanierhode.nl
Tonnie Roefs | www.facebook.com/tonnie.roefs
Antoinette le Roy | www.leroysculptures.nl
Trinette van Schijndel | www.gedenkbeelden.nl
Adriaan Seelen | www.adriaanseelen.nl
Els Slot | www.elsslot.nl
Amy van Son | email: [email protected]
Maria Stams | www.mariastams.nl
Bart Stok | www.bartstok.com
Ans Verdijk | www.ansverdijk.com
Wilma Vermeij | www.wilmavermeij.nl
Jos Verschaere | www.josverschaeren.nl
Lia Versteege | www.liaversteege.nl
Gonda van der Zwaag | www.gondavanderzwaag.nl